blow the whistle

Got a problem on the road? Blow the whistle!

This Web site is dedicated to you, the Orange County bicyclist. It’s here because, while cycling is growing faster now than it has in 20 years, riding in OC is not all green lights and blue skies.

Like cyclists throughout America, we face challenges:

  • From motorists who just don’t get it– that we have full and legal right to the streets and roads of Orange County
  • From law enforcement whose grasp of California Vehicle Code is often weak or confused.
  • From city and county planners and engineers who often think of bicyclists last, if at all, in their efforts to “improve” the infrastructure
  • From ourselves– cyclists who ride like children, risking not only their own lives but those of other lawful road users, and whose rude and illegal behavior feeds the prejudice of drivers and police.


The efforts of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition and other advocates are committed to making our county a better place for all cyclists: school kids, moms, commuters, casual and avid recreational riders of all ages.

Why you ride doesn’t matter. What you ride doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that you be free to choose a bike when it fits the trip before you– and that the streets be a safe and pleasant place to ride.