Aliso Creek National Trail Dedication

The Aliso Creek Regional Riding and Hiking Trial was recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Interior as an exemplary local and regional trail as part of America’s national system of trails.

The dedication event was held on 10/18/12, and was well attended by local officials, county staff and hiking and biking enthusiasts of the trail with the highlight being the unveiling of the National Trail marker.
Thanks to Bill, our reporter in the field for providing pix from the event:

Aliso Creek Dedication

Aliso Creek Dedication

Opening Speech

Opening Speech

Marker Revealed

Marker Revealed

Looks Sharp!

Looks Sharp!

Great Turnout on the Trail

Great Turnout on the Trail

Thanks to Alicia Raish of OCParks for providing the above photo taken by Chad Yanagisawa, and spearheading the recognition of the trail as a National treasure.

Currently, the Aliso Creek Regional Trail has 15 miles of asphalt bikeway, and soft trail designed for varied recreational activities including hiking, bicycling, walking, running, birdwatching and horseback riding.  The soft trail is better suited to hikers, runners, horseback riding, and generally slower traffic. It runs for much of the length of the creek on the opposite bank, and there are plans to extend it the full length of the creek.

The trail links six schools, a community church, two skate parks, and ten community parks together and offers a wide variety of geography throughout its length from hard concrete channelized infrastructure to tranquil settings that soothe the soul.

The trail traverses five south county cities, extending from the foothills of Orange County near Cooks Corner, past the McFadden Ranch House, and follows Aliso Creek downstream all the way to the boundary of Laguna Beach within a few miles of Aliso Beach in South Laguna.

Moulton, Muirlands, Irvine / Trabuco, Portola, and Santiago Canyon / El Toro are great routes to link to this trail which is an integral link in the OC BikeBone.

Specialized “Globe” Bicycle Recall

A voluntary recall Due to Fall and Injury Hazards.

Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of Product: Bicycles
Units: About 12,000
Distributor: Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., of Morgan Hill, Calif.
Manufacturer: Kinesis, of China
Hazard: The front fork can break, posing fall and injury hazards to riders.
Incidents/Injuries: Specialized has received four reports of front forks breaking, resulting in facial fractures, head and shoulder injuries and cuts.
Description: This recall involves some 2008 and 2009 models women’s and men’s Globe model bicycles. Recalled models include the Globe Elite, Globe Sport, Globe Sport Disc, Globe Centrum Comp, Globe Centrum Elite, Globe City 6, Globe Vienna 3, Globe Vienna 3 Disc, Globe Vienna 4, Globe Vienna Deluxe 3, Globe Vienna Deluxe 4, Globe Vienna Deluxe 5 and Globe Vienna Deluxe 6 bicycles. The bicycles were sold in various colors, including gun, silver, black, khaki, navy, bone, blue, charcoal, burgundy and gold. The brand name “Specialized” is on the lower frame tube and the model name is on various locations on the bicycle frame.
Sold at: Authorized Specialized retailers nationwide from July 2007 to July 2012 for between $550 and $1,100.
Manufactured in: China
Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop riding these bicycles and return them to an authorized Specialized retailer for the free installation of a free replacement fork.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Specialized toll-free at (877) 808-8154 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday, or visit the company’s website and click on Support/Safety Notices.

See pictures of all the affected models at the CPSC recall announcement page here.

h/t: CPSC

Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012

While not taking place in the OC, there will be a conference in Long Beach that might be of interest.

Taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center and at the Promenade, the Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012  conference runs from 9/10-9/13 and will cover 100 presentations on six major themes such as:

There is a note on the site that standard registration ends 8/10, but whether prices go up or down from that date is unknown at this time.

In addition to the above, the League of American Bicyclists and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals in partnership with Women on Bikes SoCal and Pro Walk Pro Bike, will be hosting the National Women’s Bicycling Summit starting at 2pm when the PW/PB 2012 conference concludes.

After the Summit, continue to network at the Cycle Chic Fashion Show and after-party. Prices for the Conferences, Summit, and Show are listed at the respective sites but range from $15 — $595.

After attending the events, join the Orange County Bicycle Coalition to leverage your newly honed skills and increased knowledge into quick positive action in your community and county.

The Tax on Winning and a Bikelane – opinion

Recently much has been made of the fact that the US is about the only country in the world to tax its athletes at the London Olympics should they have the luck, skill, and where-with-all to stand on the finishers podium to receive their due in front of their peers. Not only will the athletes be taxed on the prize money that accompanies the medal, they will also be taxed on the metal content of the medal itself!

The following table is provided as an illustration:

Winners Tax Table (amount per medal)

Winners Tax Table (amount per medal)

Is this really a problem? Apparently some people think so, as we discover that this last Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., introduced a bill  that would exempt U.S. Olympic medal winners from paying the IRS tax on the medals they win and the cash payments that come with them.

Thinking that this all has to be some urban legend, we did some fact- checking over at Snopes and learn that just as there is a price for freedom, there is a price for winning. Who knew?

Currently the US is #2 in the Women’s team pursuit qualifying round just a few short seconds behind the  women of Great Britain and just barely ahead of Australians, while Kristen Armstrong took gold in the Women’s time trials, her final ride before retiring . It’s too bad that Amber Neben finished 7th. Do you really think thoughts of possible tax burdens hinder their performance?

We hope Dotsie Bausch and her team mates Sarah Hammer, Lauren Tamayo, and Jennie Reed, hold off Australia and upset Great Britain in the finals tomorrow. Live action commentary and complete race results are available at

If Dotsie podiums, perhaps we could hold a bake sale or something in Irvine if the tax burden is too much for her to bear alone.

And speaking of Irvine, we received word of a bike lane closure 8/7/12 from 9am to 3pm on the southbound side of Carlson Ave. between Michelson Dr. and Palatine, so be careful in that area next Tuesday.

Update 8/5/12

They Did IT!

Lauren Tamayo, Sarah Hammer, Dotsie Bausch and Jennie Reed

The US women held off Australia and won Silver with a 3:19.727 time! Fantastic!

Great Britain won Gold with a World Record 3:14.051 time, and the Canadians overcame the Australians for bronze with 3:17.915 compared to the Aussies 3:18.096

Since the US wasn’t really expected to be in the finals, the 2nd place finish is huge. Hear from Dotse, “”We wanted it more, these last two days,” Bausch said, holding her silver medal. “We fought every pedal stroke, every lap, every second. I really believe we wanted it more. It’s pretty wild to think of the deep richness of the track programs in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, and it’s just been us four and Ben [Sharp, the USA Cycling endurance coach], and we got the silver.”

Lauren (who has been racing track since she was 12), then announced she is retiring from track to set her sights on road. Watch out Kristin and Amber.

Well Done! What an awesome performance! Now, what kind of cookies do you like?