Meet our Board

Orange County Bicycle Coalition Board Members are passionate about encouraging bicycling in Orange County.

Pete van Nuys, Executive DirectorBolzano9-13

50 years a cyclist, cyclotourist, tour leader, ECI, LCI, now CSI.
Director, Orange County Bicycle Coalition. Married 39 years to my tandem partner, Lynn Appleby van Nuys, with two grown children, neither one of who will
touch a bicycle on a bet.

Brian Cox

Brian Cox Photo Brian Cox became engaged with the bicycle industry in the fall of 1971 as a high school sophomore in Keene, NH, looking for a way to earn some cash.

He stayed in the retail side of the industry throughout high school and college, eventually being lured to the wholesale side of the industry in 1979 by Ben Lawee, of Lawee, Inc. (Univega and Motobecane) based in Long Beach, CA. He worked in all aspects of the company, from sales to purchasing to finance, before being recruited by Richard Long of GT Bicycles, Inc. in 1988.

Mr. Cox managed the credit department of the fledgling regional company for 2 years, eventually becoming the national credit manager for the company. As GT Bicycles continued to grow, Mr. Cox turned his focus to the distribution portion of the business and was named the Vice President of Global Distribution Services for the publically traded company.

In 2002, Mr. Cox left the wholesale side of the industry to return to retail as Vice President of Operations for Jax Bicycle Center, based in Irvine, CA. Jax Bicycle Center is a BRAIN top 100 retailer in the USA, in the top 10 retailers for Trek Bicycle Company, and a leading southern California bicycle retailer with 8 retail locations.

Mr. Cox served on the board of directors for the CBC for 7 years and is currently on the board of directors for the Orange County Bicycle Coalition. He has attended numerous National Bike Summits, and assisted in launching the first California state summit in 2005.

He has been married to his wife Lori for 31 years, has two sons, Duncan and Mason, is a League Certified Instructor, and an American Bicycle Education Association Cycling Savvy certified instructor. Mr. Cox has commuted from Placentia to Irvine regularly for the past 6 years, logging over 4,000 per year.

Barbara Danzi

Brian DeSousa

Kathleen Figard

Don HarveyIMG_20151005_183213

Don Harvey founded OCBC in 1991, and served as Executive Director till recruiting Pete van Nuys.  Don has a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from USC, with 35 years of experience and 85 publications, and a JD from Pepperdine with enough experience in private law practice to know he didn’t like it.  Don’s bicycled over 200,000 miles, as much as possible in mountains.

In 1991, Don founded OCBC, establishing it as a nonprofit corporation.  In April 1995 Don was hit by a car and incurred brain injury, permanently ending his bicycling.  Later, he spent full time operating OCBC as a nonprofit corporation, and being an advocate for bicycling.  The latter included publication of articles in newspapers, bicycle club journals and periodicals; it also included governmental contacts and public speaking as a bicycling advocate.  In 2010, at age 77, he turned the position of OCBC’s Executive Director over to Pete van Nuys.  Don remains a member of OCBC’s Board of Directors.

David Huntsman

Rock Kendall Rock Kendall, Esq.

Since 1999, Attorney Rock Kendall has focused his statewide law practice on clients needing help with the DMV’s Office of Driver Safety due to physical or mental conditions.

In 1995, when part of the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean fell in a landslide onto PCH in San Clemente, fellow cyclists urged Rock to contact the OCBC’s then Executive Director Dr. Don Harvey and get involved to do something about the municipal signs barring cyclists while still allowing motor traffic. It was the first of his numerous OCBC victories over the years, of which only one required a full-fledged lawsuit. Rock was seated as a board member the next year and currently serves as our liaison to the courts, following prosecutions involving injury and death to cyclists. Also since 1996, he has served as a volunteer attorney at legal clinics at a battered women’s shelter through a program developed by the Orange County Bar Association and the Public Law Center of Orange County. Rock is a 25-year volunteer usher at the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts. He has enjoyed teaching the AARP Driver Safety Program in Laguna Woods since 2004.

Rock has two favorite bicycling memories. His very first ride at age 6: “Total freedom and exhilaration!” And taking time out from law school in his early forties to watch one of his two sons road race for UC San Diego: “Priceless.”

Rock and Ria, a native of Japan, have been married since 1972 and have resided in the same home in Dana Point since 1978. Both of their sons are medical doctors. Adam practices palliative care in the greater Los Angeles area, and Oliver is a neurologist in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he frequently rides his trusty bicycle to work.

Greg Klinephoto

Like my wife Stacy, I’m ultra-distance cyclist who enjoy all forms of bicycling but especially randonneuring, double century (200 mile) rides, bicycle commuting and club riding.

I am a certified instructor with the League of American Bicyclists and the American Bicycle Education Association (Cycling Savvy) and enjoy sharing with others the techniques I have learned to stay safe while riding.

I teach Traffic Skills 101 and Cycling Savvy courses in Orange County, California.

I advocate for improved conditions and treatment of cyclists as board members of the Orange County Bicycle Coalition.

I am on the board of directors of the Orange County Wheelmen where I am working to make OCW the safest and best trained bike club.

I also serve on the Education Committee of the  American Bicycle Education Association.

Our cycling website is

Stacy Kline

Stacy_DeathValleyMarch2012 Like most people, I learned to ride a bike when I was quite young. Riding a bike gave me a wonderful sense of freedom at an early age. I have such fond memories of riding my beautiful Miyata 610 I bought when I was just 16 years old!

I wasn’t until my early 40s that I started riding in earnest. I began bike commuting to work and later signed up for the Orange County Wheelmen’s annual Amtrak Century in 2009, unsure if I could ride such a long distance. My husband Greg and I had so much fun on this first century, that we started randonneuring with Randonneurs USA in 2010 and have since become committed ultra-distance cyclists. We have ridden at least one 200 kilometer (125 mile) or longer brevet (long distance ride) for 54 consecutive months. We have also successfully completed both the 90 hour/1200K (750 mile) Gold Rush Randonnée and the 2014 Central Coast 1000K Randonnée since our humble start in 2010. I am also a California Triple Crown winner with 15 double centuries to date.

In 2009, I took the League of American Bicyclists’ Smart Cycling TS 101 course. This wonderful class taught me to feel confident riding on the road and sparked my interest in bike advocacy so much so that I became an LCI in 2012. In 2014 I took the fantastic Cycling Savvy 3-part course and became an American Bicycling Education Association instructor later that same year. As an ABEA and LAB cycling instructor, I am now able to help others become confident on the road, so they too can get out and enjoy the ride!

LAB & ABEA Certified Cycling Instructor
OC Wheelmen, Public Relations Officer
Orange County Bicycle Coalition, Board Director
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” ~ Helen Keller

Bill Sellinunnamed

Bill is the founder of the Bicycle Club of Irvine & is a bicycle liaison as part of his former career (retired) working for the City of Irvine.
Bill is a Coordinator for the annual Ride of Silence. He joined the OCBC in 2010 and is responsible for OCBC membership.
Bill has 5 bikes in his garage, enjoys BCI club rides, and occasional touring with his lovely wife, Dev.

Jane Rands

Irene Walker

Ramon Zavala

Zavala_Best_Cropped_Bike_Photo_small Cycling isn’t just a hobby for me, but an academic passion on par with my love for education. Bike law, infrastructure, method, marketing, advocacy– I love it all.

I am also one of the few, very lucky people who has been able to parlay all those things into a paying career when, in 2011, I was hired to be UC Irvine’s bicycle coordinator.

At UCI, I met some great cyclists, who compelled me to seek out the Traffic Skills 101 class taught by Pete Van Nuys. I heeded their advice and that’s when everything changed.

In TS101, I learned the confidence of riding well. It wasn’t that long after my TS101 class that I sought to acquire the instructor certification myself so I could spread the word: You can bike on the road, be safe, and have fun, too!

As a cyclist, I don’t ride for fitness (I call myself a “fatlete”– active, but indulgent) and rarely ride for accomplishment. I love to ride for task or transportation (shopping, moving, delivering) and would rather take extra time to go by bike than seek out motorized travel.

I don’t hate cars, I just like riding when others would just as soon drive.