SoMoS: Santa Ana’s Inaugural Ciclovia

Last Sunday saw the first SoMoS, what will hopefully be a frequent, not just annual, “open-streets” event in Santa Ana. The city closed three miles of Main Street to motorized traffic from 9AM to 4PM and let people – on foot, on two wheels, on skateboards, on roller skates and even on kids’ yard toys – experience the street on a human scale and at a human pace.

If you haven’t done a ciclovia by bicycle before, you must. It is a different experience from anything you’ve done. You just can’t imagine how nice it is to be on a road, on a bicycle, without the noise and threat of cars pushing past. Three miles of road is more than it seems when you don’t have to do that obliging hurry along one feels the need to do when riding a bike among cars. When you leave, and re-merge with mainstream traffic, you might notice an interesting phenomenon: After experiencing a street on a human scale, you, on a bike, don’t feel out of place on other roads. It’s the cars that now seem out of place. Like football players at a ballet.

Oh, we (the OCBC) manned a tent and did our best to encourage more cycling. It was nice to sit and watch the myriad cyclists go by.

Some pics:

Happy cyclists


Kids at the end of the day

One thing about October in Southern California: it can be hot. Witness the not-uncommon ice fight: