OCBC Thanks CicLAvia!

Many thanks to the organizers of CicLAvia for allowing the Orange County Bicycle Coalition to participate in a wonderful day.  Let’s do it again, but next time in “our” house!  Now if only there were a way to connect the 2 counties in a cross-county “County La Via?” hmmmm maybe someday; the sooner the better, yes?










The OCBC would also like to thank and recognize the Sponsors and Volunteers that make events like this possible.  Thank you ALL very much!


Specifically, we would like to thank Garo’s Produce for donating a bottomless bin of oranges to feed and hydrate the masses for almost 4 hours!  They were appreciated very much, and tasty too!  Thanks to Roger Martin from the South Bay Wheelmen who moved the oranges from Garo’s over to Woori Market in Little Tokyo whose management kindly kept them overnight and delivered them to our intersection at lunchtime.

Thank You, or perhaps どうもありがとう, or Domo arigato!

Thank you to  The Home Depot (in Tustin and LA) and ACE Beverage for supplying water, and liquid refreshments, especially the end of day ones (wink, wink, nudge, – say no more)!

According to OCBC’s Jim Freibert, “As far as we know, our adopted intersection was the only one giving away any food or water”.

Thanks to our Sponsors this was possible, thank you again very much.

But we didn’t hand out just food and water!
Thanks to:
Knott’s Berry Farm, the OC Tourism Council, the  CA Visitors Welcome Center in Buena Park, MEDIEVAL TIMES, and PIRATES  for their donations of tickets and posters of attractions in the OC.

Thanks to Katie for all the balloons (orange of course), which brought some nice color to the cityscape and helped frame our adopted intersection.

Thanks goes to our staff; Pete, for wearing two hats, as our Executive Director, and helping out everywhere; 

Brian and Jonathan from Jax Bicycle Centers with countless bicycle repairs.

The other board member, Vince Buck brought his Daughter Michelle, and her fiancee Brett – all shown in stopping traffic on East 4th Place and East Third Street – while motorized vehicles had the green light on South Alameda.

Thanks to Tony and Isabel for passing out water, and several hundred FREE plush toys, mostly bears from Plushland, and Marlene for your help as an Intersection Angel too! 

Wes Parsel from the OCTA was the first to arrive, and did double duty like most of our volunteers!

Finally, last but not least, two Orange Co (FVSD) teachers, cycling friends Dan, and Jane, with her husband Freddie, and Nick, and Lupi who came to help too!

Some of our “Intersection Angels”  wore Angels of Anaheim baseball caps, while others wore orange & blue caps from Rabobank, (whose team we’ll being seeing next month at the Tour d California) along with Orange T-shirts, and bright orange safety vests.

Thank you all, it was a real learning experience that can be applied to our own CiclOCia!

Garo’s Produce
1362 Lawrence St
Los Angeles, California 90021
Tel: (213) 236-0840

Ace Beverage Co.
401 S. Anderson St.
Los Angeles, CA 90033 (Map)
p. 323-264-6000