CLIF Bar 2Mile Challenge

From the better late than never department…

Even though there are 8 days left in the month, there’s still time to sign up for another Bike Challenge – because this one runs all the way to December, and if you’re already participating in another challenge, those miles also count in this one!

Did you know:
40% of urban travel is 2 miles or less, and  90% of those trips are by car?

CLIF Bar is encouraging  people to take their bikes for a spin on short distance trips at their 2 Mile Challenge.  Trips can be logged through an app for that, or through their website.

With the OCTA, NBC, and the 2MC ride challenges, you have the potential to triple (3x) the leverage out of a single bike ride.

For shorter trips, discoveries will be made such as “where do I park my bike?”, and  “What can I lock my bike to?”
If no infrastructure exists, talk to a few shop keepers and ask why there isn’t any. Let them know your business could be gained or lost, and why.

10 bikes can easily fit in the space of one cars’ parking spot, preferably on the corner for better sight-lines of traffic flow.  Known as “bike corrals”, functional and artistic bike stands are placed in the spot for secure bike parking.

See if your city has a bike plan, and if they do, how are they measuring up to it?  Short rides would be a great method to test the implementation success (or not), and to make informed suggestions to city planners. If your city doesn’t have a bike plan, ask why not? Maybe they forgot and could use a helpful reminder.

Hey, you don’t have to ride a mega-hundred miles to make a point, especially when the point is to reduce local congestion with its attendant pollution and noise by simply riding your bike those 2 little miles.

And that’s the real reason it’s such a tough challenge; because after 1, you just can’t stop at 2, it’s too much fun!