2012 RAAM Update

Update for the RaceAcross AMerica.

Dave Elsberry now has a 3 hour lead on Hans Georg Haus of Germany in the solo male 60+ category with 2,197 miles raced, but still has a 15 minute time penalty to serve. Both are in Indiana and soon will be crossing into Ohio. It could wind down to a sprint finish between these two!

Trixy Dragon” (Trix Zgraggen) of Switzerland, is still leading Joan Deitchman (CAN) by almost 350 miles and is on her way to W. Virginia. Joan is about to be caught by Janet Christiansen (USA) who is “only” 72 miles behind her, but is racing in the 50+ women’s category!

The under 50 solo men looks to be won tonight between Reto Schoch (also of Switzerland), or Christoph Strasser (Austria) as they make their way into the
next time station in Maryland. This could be a photo finish between these two
awesome competitors, but it appears Christoph was delayed by a tornado at the
Colorado border to Kansas, and was awarded a time delay meaning that Reto needs to increase his gap to an hour and 45 minutes to seal the win. If there is a
photo finish, the race goes to Christoph.

FOREVER YOUNG PAC MASTERS (75+) is being reeled in by the younger United 4 Health (70-74) and is currently 300 miles ahead with 2,612 miles under their belt. Will United close the gap or crack under the effort?

John Williams (of San Clemente Cyclery) and his mixed team (60-69), Team Kinema, have suffered a 15 minute time penalty and have completed 1774 miles so far. Go John! Go Kinema!

Burning up the course with a 24 mph average is Team ViaSat followed closely by Team 4Mil with 2,861.67, and 2,813.20 miles raced respectively in the 8-Person Open category.

In the 2-Person Mixed  (60-69) category,  RAAM Beau&Babe look to cross the finish line tonight with an average speed currently at 15.2 mph! Well done!

All for now.