OC Cycle Safe Cities

A reader asked the question, “What city is the safest to ride in?”

While it’s obvious the ideal city would be one with no cyclist fatality or injury,
things are different in the real world.

We chose to measure 2001-2010 because data is still flowing into the 2011
database, and 2012 is incomplete. The 2010 numbers are still subject to further revision by the CHP, but we’ll live with that and update if necessary.

Although past performance is no guarantee of the future, cities with a strong safety record are quickly spotted when we see no fatalities recorded for the following 6 cities in Orange County.

Since the ideal was reached with 6 cities, we next picked the 6 cities with the lowest cyclist injury count for the same time frame. ThenĀ  we simply compare names on the 2 tables and arrive to the short list of candidates.

La Palma, Cypress, and Laguna Niguel are eliminated by only appearing on one of the lists, and by having more than 40 cyclist injuries.

And there you have it, thanks for asking!