Make Sharrows Happen in NPB

Your voice is needed at the Newport Beach City Council meeting July 10th at 7pm in the COUNCIL CHAMBERS  at 3300 NEWPORT BLVD.

Sharrows from Mac Arthur Blvd. through Corona Del Mar to Poppy are on the Council agenda as item #16. Pleased attend the meeting and voice your support for the project.

The Project Staff report is here, and the Council agenda is here.

The staff report indicates that the project¬† funding is available within the current budget, but this is not a “done deal”.

This is the chance to make your case before the people who will decide its fate.

Let them know why they should spend the City’s money on this project, and how the City will benefit.

For those unfamiliar with public speaking, the following from the NPB agenda may help:

The City provides a yellow sign-in card to assist in the preparation of the minutes. The completion of the card is not required in order to address the Council. Speakers must limit comments to five (5) minutes on agenda items. The Council has the discretion to extend or shorten the time limit on agenda or non-agenda items. As a courtesy, please turn cell phones off or set them in the silent mode.

Thanks in advance for your support on this issue.