Cities with the Best Drivers in California*

*According to Allstate Insurance

Allstate released their 8th annual “Best Drivers List“.

With the Labor Day weekend approaching, and the prospect of a 3 day weekend, we thought it would be fun to find a “safe” place to go riding since many cities will be having Labor Day festivities.

California has 45 cities out of 195 in Allstate’s list, or around 23%, or just over 1/5th of the “Best Drivers List” population. Allstate dropped some cities because they use a 2 year weighted average and weren’t doing business in some for the full 2 years.

Here is our interpretation (because we included the counties, all other data is Allstate’s) of California Cities with the BestDrivers.

The lower the number in the last column is better, and the higher the number in the “Avg. Yrs Btwn Accidents” (Average Years Between Accidents) is also better.

Sad to see Orange County score so low, but we’re working on it! Expect news soon of changing signs in San Clemente.

Spoiler alert: dig out a map for Visalia!

NOTE: stay away from Glendale until someone figures out what’s going on there and fixes it! Or is the data an anomaly, and we should attribute it to a “lens flare”?