More Bike Racks in Laguna Beach

An agenda item (#14) on the Laguna Beach City Council meeting on August 07, 2012 at 6:00 PM  recommends installing half the previously recommended number of bike racks with hoop and wave style bike racks to increase the availability of bike racks within the city.

Currently throughout the city there are racks for 40 bicycles in the downtown area and 47 at City parks.  Some areas not eligible for racks for various reasons are the Post Office Mall, the Sawdust entrance, Albertson’s Shopping Center, and Starbucks just to name a few.

If the CityCouncil approves the planned (and funded) recommendation, 29 new racks will be installed and monitored for usage to determine the next year’s budget outlay for additional racks.

While increasing bike racks in Laguna Beach is great news, given the artistic talent readily available within the city, couldn’t Laguna Beach commission artistic and functional bike racks like Carlsbad and Long Beach?

Let the Council know your opinion at the meeting tomorrow evening!

Here are some examples of functional (and fun) bike racks:


Carlsbad Bike Rack

Bike Fish

“Bike Fish” Long Beach


Modern Art

Modern Art Long Beach

Inspired Fun

Inspired Fun Long Beach (NY)

Some businesses in Long Beach even ask for “themed” bike racks to be installed because they recognize the value of attracting cycling customers. Dog bones, coffee cups, hearts, and guitars are just some of the designs possible (and in use) in Long Beach. Laguna Beach deserves better than the tired, boring, and (in the case of the wave design) mis-functional bike racks. Creative bike racks balance function and form to create an inviting atmosphere and lend character to a business, village, or city.

View or download the staff report (pdf)  here.

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