Runners on the Road

Many coastal riders are familiar with this portion of PCH from Newport to Laguna Beach as it can be a challenge to “summit” without running out of gears

PCH Looking South to Laguna BeachHere we have 3 riders going up and 1 coming down.

From the previous high speed down-hill, it is always fun to see how far your momentum will take you up the hill before the incline has you searching for just the right gear to carry you over the top. With the lifeguard station just to the right, keep an eye for vehicles entering and leaving the highway. Although traffic moves very fast in this area, the shoulder is just wide enough to get up to speed and set a new pr from the base to the sign welcoming you to Laguna Beach. Unless the shoulder is filled with runners.

Runners on the HighwayNow What?

(No runners, riders, or vehicles were hurt during this sequence of photos)