Stolen Colnago Recovered – update

8/30/12: The two bikes recovered by the Sheriffs at a south OC Denny’s are confirmed to be stolen from the Colnago staff at the Pasadena event,  and the brand-new one lifted during a test ride at an Irvine shop.

The thief or thieves are still loose in the area. See our updated pictures on the original post. Thanks to Peter for the update!

8/19/12: Update: 3 Stolen Colnagos recovered! One bicycle is confirmed at a West Hollywood pawnshop through, and 2 others were recovered by OC Sheriffs responding to a call of people trying to sell bicycles outside a Denny’s. When the Sheriffs arrived on scene, the suspects fled leaving the bikes behind. One of the bikes is believed to have recently been stolen from Irvine, and the source of the other is unknown at this time. No suspects were apprehended or are in custody at this time so our earlier bolo for the guy in the picture still stands.

A shout out to Bryan in Oregon for creating which lead to the recovery of at least one confirmed recently stolen Colnago bicycle in the area. If the ride of your life is stolen, register it at this website – local police may not be aware of it, so you might have to step them through the initial steps of locating the website and pulling up the registry.

I’m sure they’ll use it for the great tool it is after they know about it.