2012 OC Gran Fondo

2012 OC Gran Fondo

If you missed riding in The Tour, the Olympics, or even if you rode both, stretch your legs at a fundraiser on one of the 4 routes offered at the 2012 OC Gran Fondo. While primarily a fundraiser for  “Be A Hero Become A Donor” foundation (BAHBAD) and St. John Neumann Youth Ministry, there’s lots of free goodies and support along the various routes, and a pasta meal at the end!

Not enough? How ’bout this: 101 and 64 mile riders will receive a free RACE CUT jersey by Hincapie, while the 11 and 30 mile riders will receive a free high quality OC Gran Fondo water bottle! If that’s not enough, Bianchi has a special offer for new bike purchases.

Update 9/24/12: Latest registration, parking, and Ride instructions are posted here. If you missed this year’s ride because you’re in the Tour de Cure, mark your calendar now for the OC Gran Fondo happening on October 5th, 2013.

Register before September 1st because prices go up after that.  If you want to guarantee your jersey size for the ride, please register by August 17th.

Before September 1st              After September 1st
VIP – $199                                                 $249
101 –   $99                                                  $110
64 –     $99                                                  $110
30 –     $25                                                    $30
11 –     $20                                                     $20


Much more info at the website.
Ride strong, ride safe, have fun.