A Slice of Irvine

After reviewing data charts from the upcoming Alliance for Biking and Walking conference in Long Beach, we noticed that while full of facts and figures, we couldn’t find specifics as seen below:

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A Slice of Irvine

This chart shows the fault of most cyclist injuries and death to be that of the cyclist as determined by the appropriate authority. Of the 6 fatalities and 445 injuries represented here, you may use the specific CVC code such as 21453=”fail to stop” to get a clearer picture of the specific action on the part of each party. In contrast, there were only 2 pedestrian injuries recorded for the same time-frame, so despite the trend in other cities, pedestrians have an easier time of it than cyclists in Irvine.

Why pick on Irvine?

We’re not – really!
Irvine is one of the most bike friendly cities in the county offering multiple class1 and class 2 cycle paths, and is basically flat. It also happens to be where we are holding our next cycling seminar and we encourage you to attend.

As can clearly be seen, cyclists are their own worst enemy, and through our classroom and road skills portion of the course, you will gain the knowledge of how to avoid becoming a statistic, and have greater confidence when on the road. This class has sold out the last two months, and seating is limited.

If you’re not attending any of the great conferences in Long Beach next week, sign up now!

One might wonder if alcohol played a part in the above injury and death chart, and the answer is yes. There were 12 alcohol involved injuries but no fatalities. 6 were on the part of the cyclist, 2 on the part of the motorist, and 4 that could go either way because the field was marked “not stated”. So if you think it’s safe to drink and ride, think again and sober up before rolling out.

The OCBC uses information like this to better understand the underlying cause and issues related to cyclist injury and death throughout the county. With this level of understanding, we can make informedĀ  suggestions to city planners or other interested parties on how to minimize cyclist conflict in the county.

Ride strong – ride smart – ride safe!