NPB City Council Meeting Tonight

Whether or not you bike in Newport Beach, come to the meeting tonight to voice your support for the NPB MEMORIAL BIKE RIDE & FUNDRAISERBike Safety Improvement Fund and the offer of a 3:1 match to the fundraising efforts of the Newport Beach Memorial Ride.

If approved, funds raised will be matched, thus leveraging your contribution by a multiple of 3!

Benefits realized through this action will be quick response to identified safety issues throughout the city – and there are plenty of them! With your support through this dedicated fund, issues will not linger and fester due to other funding priorities. This in turn, limits the City from potential liability by acting quickly to remedy serious safety concerns, which provides you, rider or not, the fiscal safety of your City’s budget remaining intact and not at the mercy of the next bicycle rider killed or injured.

The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.  (or 19:00 if you prefer), in the Council Chambers at 3300 Newport Blvd. and the agenda item is last on the list of current business.

Stand up for Safety! Newport Beach is the 3rd deadliest, and 5th most injurious city to ride a bike in Orange County.  With the right leadership and community support, it can blossom into a city that’s fiscally stable, and able to handle increased density growth, while at the same time becoming a cycling destination area.

We note and commend the Newport Friends of the Library for raising $187,000 to go along with the Library’s $500,000 expansion and improvements. While we hope innovative and cheerful cycle racks are included, we have to ask, “Can you ride to the Library safely”?

Thanks for your support.