Rideshare Week 2012

From 10/1 to 10/5 Rideshare Week encourages commuters to take the bus, train, vanpool, carpool, bike or work instead of driving alone for their daily excursions.

Commuters can win a variety of prizes by pledging to participate in Rideshare Week including iPads, gift cards to the Irvine Spectrum, movie tickets and bike gear.

Rideshare Week is a part of OCTA’s Share the Ride program, which is aimed at helping commuters find efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective ways to commute to work.

The program, sponsored by the Orange County Transportation Authority, helps commuters find a vanpool, plan a trip by bus or train, and find a carpool partner.

Rideshare week is sponsored by OCTA, Anaheim Resort Transit, Enterprise Rideshare, VPSI Inc., Spectrumotion, Kaiser Permanente and Jax Bicycle Center.

For cyclo-commuters, engage your coworkers to join a commuter train as there is safety in numbers