OCBC adds safety to Build-a-Bike

Pete van Nuys, Exec. Dir., safety-checks bikes at Golden State Foods’ Build-a-Bike event last Sunday.

Dan from Trail’s End bike shop lent his expertise to bikes assembled by kids, parents, and volunteers from GSF.

OCBC Sec’y, Jim Freibert wrenches

Kids helping kids, kids helping adults. It’s all fair at CFS’ Build-a-Bike.

Golden State Foods’ emploees donate time and money to make it happen.

The Result: 50 smilin’ kids roll back to Boys and Girls club on new bikes.

Saturday, Nov. 25 saw Golden State Foods’ Build-a-Bike for deserving Boys and Girls, hosted by Chick-Fil-A in Tustin. GFA employee volunteers helped parent and kids assemble 50 bikes. OCBC and Trail’s End bike shop provided expert turn up and safety checks before the finished bikes rolled out. Thanks GFA for a great start to the Holidays!