Construction Alert!

Construction map

Camino Capistrano in Laguna Niguel

  • Southbound will be impacted through July
  • Northbound will be impacted through August!

From OCTA: “On Monday, June 22, southbound Camino Capistrano, around the vicinity of the Rancho Capistrano {Church driveway} crossing will be closed for approximately four weeks to allow construction activities to take place. Contractors will also be performing work on Rancho Capistrano requiring the grade crossing to be closed for five days in mid-July. At this stage, we do not have an exact timeframe but will provide another update in a few weeks. The last phase will require closure of northbound Camino Capistrano around the vicinity of the Rancho Capistrano crossing for approximately five weeks.”

The OCBC Infrastructure members have contacted OCTA to express serious reservations about the details of this plan and have offered several suggestions to improve it. In the mean time, be careful!