Fun With Maps

Maps are fun, and I’ve always liked to look at and play with them.

Orange County looks like a rectangle standing on one corner doesn’t it?  
If we take a map of the county, apply a grid like this:
(note: grid not to scale – for illustration only)
then apply an overlay of installed bike paths / lanes,
( locations are approximate)Please note the dark areas indicating a lack of bike paths / lanes
then rotate the map counter-clockwise  like so:  

We can now transform the map and reduce it to identify the class 1 bikeways and the corresponding population centers. What we have left looks like this:

OC Bikebone

OC Bikebone

There just seems to be something wrong with this picture, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it…

New Developments in South OC

While coming down Antonio towards Ortega the following scenes took my breath away. Welcome to progress! Those “little trucks” in the distance all lined up are actually huge earth-movers, and they are moving a lot of it!

 Movin' Mountains
 Bridge  Add a Lane

What you are looking at is phase1 of  The Ranch Plan being built on land owned by the Rancho Mission Viejo Company, and the start of construction of what will be 14,000 additional homes in the area. This particular area will be known as Sendero*, a mix of 940 homes, 200 apartments, and a 10-acre retail plaza that’s all scheduled to open next summer (2013).

Welcome Home

Will a bike lane go through it?

Please note there is a new traffic light right at the “sweet spot” on the downhill that will serve as an entrance to this new community.

The Ranch Plan will consist of:

  • Nine separate areas of development, called “villages,” stretching from the border of Camp Pendleton Marine Base to the 241 Toll Road.
  • 23,000 acres of land, 17,000 acres undeveloped and dedicated to species protection, cattle-grazing and citrus farming.
  • 14,000 homes meant for a variety of residents, including senior communities.

On the other side of Ortega, a 10 acre development proposal by Shea Homes is being wrangled through the system. With the requested doubling of homes at the Great Park, the proposed development in Santiago Canyon, Rancho Capistrano, the new developments in Lake Forest and San Clemente, enjoy the “back county” rides while you can.

Even though the Ortega highway has been “widened” (except for bikes), one wonders if it’s enough to support the anticipated traffic load, and if not, how soon will the toll road happily take all these paying customers to the beach? Since the toll road is creeping south to end (for now) at Cow Camp Road at Ortega, pressure to complete and connect the toll road to the 5 will build as new residents make their voices heard. La Pata will also get attention (and probably pavement) to fill the open space gap between San Clemente and San Juan.

We suggest improving and extending the San Juan Creek Bike Trail to La Pata to provide a means for all the new residents to ride their bikes to the beach, and when La Pata is completed (with buffered bike lanes?), a direct means to travel to and from San Clemente. With these last build outs, and knowing that 40% of urban travel is 2 miles or less, and  90% of those trips are by car, it just makes sense to incorporate cycling facilities and infrastructure as these new communities are literally built out “from the ground up”.

*sendero: 1) a trodden path, (2) evidence pointing to a possible solution

Starship landing at Lake Forest

Celebrating  its 20th anniversary, the city of Lake Forest is hosting a free concert 7/29/12 starting at 4pm at Pittsford Park with headliner Jefferson Starship taking the stage at 6:30. Read more details about the event here.

Starship LinkSince the park is just off the Aliso Creek Bike Trail/Path, riding to and from the event would be a great way to end the weekend. Make sure your bike lights are working before heading out!

The concert is scheduled to end at 7:30(pm) so it’s not a late night out.

Food trucks will be at the park for take out, and plenty of lawn seating is available for an enjoyable picnic in the park.

Below is a picture of the stage being set up and a map with a suggested route to the venue.

Pittsford Park Stage

Pittsford Park Stage

Suggested Route

Suggested Route

Happy Anniversary Lake Forest!

Thanks to  Sarah de Crescenzo for the write up at the Patch and Ron Rivera, recreation coordinator for the city of Lake Forest.

Hope and Change in Aliso Viejo

Update 9/23/12: Not Much Change

Progress at AC-1xProgress at AC-2xProgress at AC-3x

Update 8/25/12

Signs of change taking place:

We’ll post the fence installation schedule when we receive it. Thanks OC Parks and OC Public Works!

Update 8/1/12

OC Parks and the AVCA have agreed to install lodge pole fencing to provide a barrier between the trail and “parking lot”.  Date unknown at this time.

Updated 7/5/12

Be aware of a change along the Aliso Creek Trail in Aliso Viejo. Although one of the safest cities in the OC, could that change with the new parking lot alongside the paved trail?

Specifically between Moulton and Awma, at Woodfield Park there is now parking allowed next to the paved trail as it makes its way next to the last baseball diamond by the Pacific Park overpass.  Additionally, the dirt portion of the trail is now a single lane driveway to additional parking by the 3 main diamonds in the park. That’s the change.

Update (in italics):

Since there is signage, the parking is approved, our requests for comment from OC Parks who manages the trail is being referred to the appropriate department, and the  City of Aliso Viejo  advises that the park is owned and managed by the Aliso Viejo Community Association (AVCA), so any concerns should be directed towards the AVCA and not the City of Aliso Viejo.

End Update

Now that you are aware of the change, ride this portion of the trail with extra caution especially on game days, and expect car traffic where there was none before. Here’s the location:

Aliso Creek Trail in Aliso Viejo

New Parking in AV Map from
(click to enlarge)

We hope that the city maintains its cyclist safety record. That is the hope; here’s the pix:

Rider on the Trail

Rider on the Trail

New ramp

New ramp

Looking East

Looking East

Car on ramp

Car on ramp

Car on dirt

Car on dirt

Looking West

Looking West