Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012

While not taking place in the OC, there will be a conference in Long Beach that might be of interest.

Taking place at the Long Beach Convention Center and at the Promenade, the Pro Walk/Pro Bike 2012  conference runs from 9/10-9/13 and will cover 100 presentations on six major themes such as:

There is a note on the site that standard registration ends 8/10, but whether prices go up or down from that date is unknown at this time.

In addition to the above, the League of American Bicyclists and the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals in partnership with Women on Bikes SoCal and Pro Walk Pro Bike, will be hosting the National Women’s Bicycling Summit starting at 2pm when the PW/PB 2012 conference concludes.

After the Summit, continue to network at the Cycle Chic Fashion Show and after-party. Prices for the Conferences, Summit, and Show are listed at the respective sites but range from $15 — $595.

After attending the events, join the Orange County Bicycle Coalition to leverage your newly honed skills and increased knowledge into quick positive action in your community and county.

RAAM 2012 Done

RAAM 2012 In the Books

All teams have completed the course and are headed home.

Congratulations to all who stepped up to the line in Oceanside for this year’s edition of the Race Across America.

We are sorry for those who were unable to complete this grueling and challenging event, yet you still should stand tall and proud knowing that you gave it your all, and your best effort. Although the fickle finger of fate did not point in your favor this time, the experience you have gained will last forever, and there’s always next year!

Joan Deitchman (<50, CAN) finished just 1 hour ahead of  Janet Christiansen (50+, USA) at which just goes to show what a difference a .04 mph difference across 3,000 miles. Well, OK, 2993.24 to be exact, but what a race those last few miles must have been! It looked like Janet was gaining steady on Joan and was actually predicted to arrive 2 hours before Joan. Maybe there was a mechanical, or Joan poured on the coals during the last few miles to hold Janet at bay.

Well done ladies! We armchair cyclists were on the edge of our armchair saddles watching your progress across the country, along with other exciting duels in the course of the race.

John Williams (of San Clemente Cyclery) and his mixed team (60+, USA), Team Kinema, finished in 8 days, 18 hours, and 48 minutes with an average speed of 14.2 mph. Yay! Proving once again that age is just a number, you’re all an inspiration to Dad’s looking at their bike hanging in the rafters asking, “what if”?

To all the “youngsters” still in school: if you do nothing else in life, you have done this, the toughest cycling race on Earth, and having done it, you now know that there is nothing you can’t do on the bike or off it.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, and perhaps I’ll get to write about one of you setting a new RAAM record soon!

Solo results are here, while the team results are here.

All for now, see you next year?

Big Ring Century in the OC

Title: Big Ring Century
Location: Laguna Hills
Link out: Click here
Description: 3 road rides of 100, 62, and 20 miles
Start Time: 07:30
Date: 2012-6-23
End Time: 18:00

From our previously unread OC Register, we learn that an inaugural Big Ring Century bicycle ride in Orange County is scheduled on June 23 to benefit children in Malawi, Africa through FaithQuest Mission, a World Vision partner that brings relief to children in poor countries. The start / finish is at the Crossline Church at 23331 Moulton Parkway in Laguna Hills between Lake Forest and Ridge Route.

Three routes are available; 100, 62, and a 20-mile family fun ride with support provided at rest stops about every 20 miles along the way in addition to marked roving SAG wagons on the course.

Mechanics from Jax Bikes will be on hand at the start location for any last minute tune up needs, in addition to being at each rest stop which will also have food and water.

Volunteers are always needed, so if you’re interested, send an e-mail to or fill out a contact card at the website.

Entry fees are the same ($100) for the 100 mile and 100k option, so get your moneys’ worth, go for the century! Entry for the 20 mile route is $50.

An all day event expo with post ride meal is included in the price.

Long Riders start at 07:30, short riders at 8.

See you there?

RAAM 2012 Finishers

Race Across AMerica – update

Dave Elsberry now has a 2 hour lead on Hans Georg Haus of Germany in the
solo male 60+ category with 2,377 miles raced, but still has a 15minute
time penalty to serve. He is picking up speed as he crosses Ohio. With just over
600 miles to the finish, it still could wind down to a sprint finish between these two!

Trixy Dragon” (Trix Zgraggen) of Switzerland, is still leading Joan Deitchman (CAN) and is less than 250 miles to the finish. Joan was caught by Janet Christiansen (USA) at 2,328 miles and with 664 miles to go, it will be a game of cat and mouse as they try and sneak a nap or two before hitting the “real” part of the race in the Appalachians.

The under 50 solo men was won by Reto Schoch (also of Switzerland), with Christoph Strasser (Austria) coming in 2nd with an average speed of 15.05 and 14.82 mph respectively. Reto also set a new RAAM pace record at 8 days, 6 hours, and 29 minutes.

FOREVER YOUNG PAC MASTERS (75+) is being reeled in by the younger United 4 Health (70-74) and is currently 200 miles ahead with 2,813 miles under their belt, and 180 miles left to finish. United is somehow managing an incredible average speed of 19.3 mph, but even at that speed they are running out of course to catch the PAC Masters; or are they?

John Williams (of San Clemente Cyclery) and his mixed team (60-69), Team Kinema, although suffering a 15 minute time penalty, have completed 1,957miles and are picking up speed. Go John! Go Kinema!

Team ViaSat scorched the course and completed their cross-country odyssey in 5 days, 5 hours, 5 minutes! They averaged just under 24 mph at 23.88 – awesome! Team 4Mil placed 2nd with Strategic Lions Cycling (UK) placing 3rd in the 8 person open category.

As expected from yesterday, in the 2-Person Mixed  (60-69) category,  RAAM Beau&Babe crossed the finish line with an average speed of almost 15.3 mph!  Congratulations and Well Done!

It looks like the record set last year by the Raw Milk Cats will stand unless Love, Sweat & Gears is able to cover the remaining 564 miles in the next 22 hours. It IS a race after all, and while their speed has picked up since leaving Colorado, they really need to get some time in the bank before taking on the hills east of Ohio.

All for now.