Orangeman Triathlon

Title: Orangeman Triathlon
Location: Dana Point
Link out: Click here
Description: Doheny State Beach – bike through the cities of Dana Point & San Juan Capistrano towards the turnaround that sits near the top of the majestic Ortega Highway..(SR-74) will be closed in both directions from 7:30am to 12:15pm.

Start Time: 05:00
Date: 2012-9-23
End Time: 16:45

We asked the organizers if it would be possible for locals to ride Ortega before the event like from 6 to 7am, and the response is no you may not. In fact, according to the organizers,” The CHP is aware that anyone not wearing an event sanctioned bib number/timing chip will be cited. In summary, this is theft and as much as we love cyclists, it would be a better idea for them to form a relay team and pay registrations fees like all the other participants. ”

In addition, early riders wishing to use the San Juan Creek Bike Trail are advised  from the Details page:
10. The bike course has been designed for your safety and enjoyment. The San Juan Creek Bike Trail will be staffed with trained volunteers to discourage general public use and encourage safe cycling. Ortega Highway (SR-74) will be closed in both directions from 7:30am to 12:15pm. <our emphasis>

Make your ride plans accordingly. Del Obispo can be used if you don’t mind a little street traffic to get to and from Dana Point.

The Orangeman Triathlon supports two charities that will benefit from this event; the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association, and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southwest County (Lake Elsinore, Temecula, Murrieta).

Good Luck to all the racers!

National Bike Challenge Wrap-Up

From the website: “12 million total miles were achieved on the final day of the 2012 National Bike Challenge. What an exciting way to end what has been a great effort by a community of over 30,000 riders!”

Raw Numbers (at the time of this writing):

Rider Goal = 50,000 Achieved = 30,371 Result = -19,629

Mile Goal = 10 million Achieved = 12,003,584 Result = + 2,003,584!

The mileage attained surpassed the stated goal by over 2 million miles with over 19 and a half thousand less riders which is awesome. Breaking it down (miles/riders) it works out to roughly 395 miles per rider – well done!

Here’s the top 10 latest standings:

Top 10 States / Points Top 10 Companies / Points
1 – Vermont      / 337.91
2 – Wisconsin    / 212.97
3 – Nebraska    / 191.92
4 – WashDC      / 67.99
5 – Colorado     / 57.48
6 – Iowa           / 50.23
7 – Pennsylvania/ 30.58
8 – Ohio            / 25.81
9 – Kansas        / 24.48
10 – Indiana      / 24.42
1 Trek Bicycle Corp   / 213198
2 Kimberly-Clark Corporation / 198500
3 Retired / 107212
4 American Electric Power / 63277
5 Ingersoll Rand / 51297
6 Texas Instruments / 49591
7 Oshkosh Corporation /
8 NW Mutual / 42585
9 U of W – Madison / 34139
10 Self Employed / 28807

California wound up in 40th place with 4.85 “points” a far cry from where we started out in May at 28th. Ridership grew to 1,553 riders covering 488,719 miles

Here’s the top 10 standings for the state:
Rank   Name                            Distance         Points – County
  1. Antonio Dimatteo    5,063 miles  – 1864p – Ventura
  2. Ken Walker                  4,645 miles – 1735p – Sacramento
  3. Wayne Stetina            3,307 miles – 1499 p – Orange
  4. William Hunt              3,924 miles – 1492 p – Orange
  5. Jeff Shein                     3,492 miles – 1477 p – Orange
  6. Terry Koberstein      2,810 miles – 1475 p – Alameda
  7. Ben Arguilla                3,568 miles – 1420 p – San Diego
  8. Jeffrey Driskell          3,239 miles – 1404 p – Santa Clara
  9. Greg Kline                    3,492 miles – 1389 p – Orange
  10. Jim Alejandre             3,618 miles – 1376 p – Los Angeles

The County of Orange was well represented, thanks guys!

Thanks to all the riders – see you next May?

Cities with the Best Drivers in California*

*According to Allstate Insurance

Allstate released their 8th annual “Best Drivers List“.

With the Labor Day weekend approaching, and the prospect of a 3 day weekend, we thought it would be fun to find a “safe” place to go riding since many cities will be having Labor Day festivities.

California has 45 cities out of 195 in Allstate’s list, or around 23%, or just over 1/5th of the “Best Drivers List” population. Allstate dropped some cities because they use a 2 year weighted average and weren’t doing business in some for the full 2 years.

Here is our interpretation (because we included the counties, all other data is Allstate’s) of California Cities with the BestDrivers.

The lower the number in the last column is better, and the higher the number in the “Avg. Yrs Btwn Accidents” (Average Years Between Accidents) is also better.

Sad to see Orange County score so low, but we’re working on it! Expect news soon of changing signs in San Clemente.

Spoiler alert: dig out a map for Visalia!

NOTE: stay away from Glendale until someone figures out what’s going on there and fixes it! Or is the data an anomaly, and we should attribute it to a “lens flare”?

Fun With Maps

Maps are fun, and I’ve always liked to look at and play with them.

Orange County looks like a rectangle standing on one corner doesn’t it?  
If we take a map of the county, apply a grid like this:
(note: grid not to scale – for illustration only)
then apply an overlay of installed bike paths / lanes,
( locations are approximate)Please note the dark areas indicating a lack of bike paths / lanes
then rotate the map counter-clockwise  like so:  

We can now transform the map and reduce it to identify the class 1 bikeways and the corresponding population centers. What we have left looks like this:

OC Bikebone

OC Bikebone

There just seems to be something wrong with this picture, but I can’t seem to put my finger on it…