Members of “BCI” pose for a club photo in April, 2010. Originally founded by the city of Irvine recreation department, the club now has over 500 members of all ages and skill levels.

Bicycle Friendly Community, Silver Level, Irvine has incorporated bike lanes and shared use trails from its earliest development in the 1960s. But beyond infrastructure, the city’s vision for a healthy and active lifestyle for its residents includes parks and a community recreation programs, one of the most successful of which is the Bicycle Club of Irvine.

With major employers and a University of California campus in town, Irvine has a visible– and growing– number of year ’round bicycle commuters.

The Ride of Silence 2012

The Great Park

9/13/12 – A Slice of Irvine – Cyclist collision pie chart by CVC and Fault assignment.

8/20/12 – Irvine  is the sixth best small city in America as noted by CNN.

8/7/12  – bike lane closure from 9am to 3pm on the southbound side of Carlson Ave. between Michelson Dr. and Palatine.