Peters Canyon General Development Plan

OC Parks is in the process of preparing a General Development Plan (GDP) for Peters Canyon Regional Park. The GDP will examine the physical, natural and cultural conditions of the park and its surrounding areas and provide a master plan that addresses current and future park programming needs, including parking, trail access, regional connectivity, and long-term management plans for ecological and hydrological sustainability within the park.

A few of us on the OCBC board went to a recent public workshop for the Peters Canyon GDP. This was the first of four public meetings to be held on the GDP. About 40-50 people from the public attended. OC Parks and the plan consultants discussed the general development plan process, then the attendees broke into smaller groups to provide public input, and finally the large group reconvened for discussion of the key issues and suggested improvements that came out in the breakout groups.

Much of the discussions centered around the current challenges faced in the park due to its surge in popularity over the last five years. While issues around parking and managing the needs of the various user groups took center stage, there was some discussion about providing a paved Class I bikeway adjacent to the existing main north/south unpaved route through the park. Proponents of the bikeway pointed out that it is already in the county master plan and a vital section of the Mountains to the Sea trail. Opponents contended that a paved trail would take away from the wilderness “feel” of the park. What do you think of the proposed bikeway?

The next public meeting will be on March 14, 2015, 8:00 a.m. – 12 p.m. at Peters Canyon Regional Park. Contact for more information. An online survey has also been posted on the OC Parks website, please fill it out and be heard!