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Bike Safety: Our Safety Page

California Bicycling Street Smarts: Riding Confidently, Legally, and Safely
John Allen’s Outstanding Bicycle Education Book – Free when you take our classes!

Commute: 10 Steps to Riding Your Bike to Work.(pdf)

How to Turn Signals Green: Great article on in-pavement and video sensors at intersections.  Further background at Detection of Bicycles by Quadrupole Loops. Both articles are by Steven Goodridge, Ph.D. (EE)

Freedom from Fear – very interesting article about safety, fear of road biking,  and more.

What are Complete Streets?

Where can I find Safe Routes to School?

Safety and Educational Videos: Select from Safety and Educational related videos produced by Dual Chase Productions and filmed here in SoCal at the CyclistLorax YouTube channel.

Local Bicycle Classes:

REI Maintenance Classes in Tustin

Links to online courses and information are provided below.

Online Education Information:

Bike Safe California – 5 essential skills brought to you by our friends at the CBC.

AAA Bike Safety Web Page

How to Not Get Hit by Cars –  Great information here

Online Courses:

Street Smarts – online course, teaches safe bicycling techniques on public roads and streets

Welcome to Traffic Skills 101
This online course represents the classroom portion of the League’s Traffic Skills 101 course. The BikeEd program is designed to develop the craft and science of bicycling, the ability to use a bicycle with confidence and competence for pleasure, utility and sport under various roadway, climate and traffic conditions. You will be able to complete individual modules and return at a later time. After you complete the online course, you will be able to participate in a
4-hour hands-on and on-road component of the course.

Skills for Local Safe Routes to School Program Development
Training agenda includes:
Safe Routes to School 101 —
Getting Started —Building a SRTS Taskforce —
Program Planning Phase One — The “What, Where, How and Who” of data collection for SRTS
Education, Enforcement and Encouragement Strategies —
Program Planning Phase Two —
Program Evaluation — The basics of evaluating SRTS programs, why evaluation is important, and key data to collect. Includes strategies for reporting the impact of SRTS program activities.

The Walking School Bus Program:
Learn how to prepare, build momentum and launch a Walking School Bus program, including identifying community partners, and securing program funding from our friends at the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

Traffic Records Classroom
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration presents Traffic Records Classroom, an online curriculum for use by State and local traffic safety professionals. This curriculum provides the basics, as well as an understanding of specific data components and technologies included in a comprehensive traffic records system such as, Crash, Roadway, Driver, Vehicle, Injury Control, Citation/Adjudication, Motor Carrier, Exposure, and Data Analysis.