Caltrans Maintenance Work Along the Santa Ana River Bikeway

Caltrans will need to clean out debris from one of its culverts located under the SR-91 Freeway (part of an emergency project, hence the late notice). The culvert begins on the south side of the freeway and empties into the Santa Ana River to the north. Recent heavy erosion on the south side of the freeway caused large rock and soil to clog the culvert. As Caltrans stated at a meeting this morning if the drain is not cleared future rain may cause water to fill behind the clog and reach eastbound travel lanes. The work site is located between Coal Canyon and the county boundary along the Santa Ana River Bikeway.

To open the clog Caltrans must park its service vehicles along the edge of a portion of the Santa Ana River Bikeway. A large vacuum truck and water truck will be on-site this coming Monday morning to begin the work. The cleanout will last one to two weeks. Work will begin at 7AM and end at 6PM (Monday through Friday.) Caltrans agreed not to work weekends.

The project may include a bikeway detour off the levee (where the bikeway now exists) to a parallel, paved Caltrans service road located between the levee and the freeway. The bikeway will also narrow from two lanes to one lane in the work area, a distance of about 80’ to 100’. I’ve asked Caltrans to install signs on the approach to the work area and to have at least two flag-persons on site when work is in progress. The bikeway will re-open (both travel lanes) each evening after 6PM. The two trucks will also move off the bikeway after 6 PM and the site will be swept. I will share more information with you as it is provided to me.

Thank you,

Jeff Dickman, Trail Coordinator – Planner IV
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