We’re Working For You!

May 9 Edition

Here’s an update on some recent OCBC activities:

  1. Notified the City of Irvine, OCTA, California Association of Bicycling Organizations, and Orange County about dangerous conditions in right hand turn lanes near 9740 Irvine Blvd in Irvine. The city will require new owners of the property to make improvements.
  2. Contacted the City of Irvine and Orange County requesting improvements to the detour around construction near the Como Channel segment of the Walnut Trail bikeway. The city agreed to make improvements.
  3. Continued to promote the long-planned bikeway through the Peters Canyon Regional Park, despite failure of the OC Parks Commission to prioritize all Orange County residents over NIMBY opposition.
  4. Reported sinking asphalt along the San Diego Creek segment of the Regional Parks Connector Bikeway at Mesa near UCI.
  5. Responded to a somewhat misleading advice given to an Orange County Register column by the CHP. In fact, bicyclists are NOT required to “hug the right-side curb”.

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