Camp Pendleton Alert

The USMC has posted information that leads to more questions than answers. See: and click on the “Recreational Bicycling” button.

“Due to military operations, the bike path from Las Pulgas Gate to the southern edge of San Onofre State Park will be closed for use by the public on 6 and 7 May 2024 from 5 AM to 6 PM”, and “…cyclists may be temporary blocked or halted from access of the bike path north of the 41 area to ensure public safety May 8–10, 13–17, 20–24, 28–31; June 3–07, 10–14, 17–21, and 24–25 from 8:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.”

The bicycle route is on the road – not a bike path, and what do they mean by “…temporary blocked or halted”? Until a vehicle rolls by? Until live ordinance is exploded? Until the weekend? What is “the 41 area”?

No one has a current Bicycle Access Pass as no renewals have been issued for well over a year now, so who are they stopping?  There’s also no word on if or when passes will be issued again to allow civilians to use the “Bike Access Route”.

For now, be aware that it may be more difficult than usual to ride through the base. We’ve asked for more information, and we’ll post an update if and when we get it.

City of Fullerton Survey

The City of Fullerton is proposing road safety improvements along Harbor Blvd, between Bastanchury and Brea Rd/Valley View – approximately between St. Jude Hospital and Hillcrest Park. This area, which has a 50 mpg speed limit, currently has narrow bike lanes and missing sidewalks. The City’s survey seeks input on bike lanes, sidewalks, street lighting, and traffic calming measures. This is an exciting proposal that could lead to some much-needed changes on Harbor Blvd!

Please consider providing your input by completing the Survey

The Bicycle Tree Needs Help!

The Bicycle Tree in Santa Ana is a volunteer-powered nonprofit that helps bicyclists fix their own bikes, teaches bike repair, advocates for bike-friendly infrastructure and donates bikes to those in need. Sadly, the pandemic forced them to close for two weeks, and now they are open under a new system.

Despite their best efforts, their expenses are currently exceeding their income, and they need help more than ever. Will you please Make a Donation?The Bicycle Tree Graphic?

Seal Beach Blvd Bike Lane Closed

The popular bike lane on southbound Seal Beach Blvd is closed for a few hundred feet near Adolfo Lopez. That intersection is about halfway between Westminster Blvd and PCH, near the police station. Work will finish about December 24.

There are “Share the Road” signs in the area, but riders who aren’t in the mood to “share” with 50+mph traffic can turn west on Westminster, then take the San Gabriel River Trail or PCH south toward Seal Beach or beyond.

The northbound bike lane is open. The right-hand turn lane onto Adolfo Lopez will be lengthened and upgrades will be made to the traffic signal system at that intersection.