Bike Paths in Orange County

There are many bike paths and trails throughout Orange County.  Some last less than a mile, while others go on and on…

General Notes:

  • Right of Way = Horses, Hikers, Bikers
  • Wooden bridges can be very slippery with morning dew, or rain.
  • Use a bell or your voice (ie: “passing”) to let people know you are there
  • Areas wet from sprinklers are probably slippery
  • Underpasses and low lying areas may have storm debris, mud, sand
  • Assume every blind curve has someone coming at you
  • Maintain control – don’t go wild on an unknown trail and loose control
  • Take nothing but great pictures and good memories
  • Leave nothing but tire tracks

This page will list the various bike paths and trails for your exploration and adventure.

Bike Trails and Paths are maintained by various agencies so if you spot something that needs attention, you can contact the city’s public works department using our Street Repair resource page, or Blow the Whistle on It!


Santa Ana River Trail (SART)

Aliso Creek Trail

Dana Point PCH Cycle Route

San Juan Creek

stay tuned…tell us which trail you would like to read about next!

Note: Beware of “moving sticks”. Sometimes it’s wiser to let nature take the right of way. If you come around a corner and see a “stick” in the middle of the path, slow down and make sure it’s not moving! While always a good idea to avoid sticks from damaging your bike or your balance, moving ones can be tricky. If you have enough time to stop, do so and warn others on the trail around you until it is safe to proceed. Otherwise your two choices are to steer around it, or hop over it. The former requires knowing which direction it is moving and having sufficient clearance to maneuver, while the latter skills gained through practice.

Moving Stick on the TrailMoving Stick off the Trail