On-site Workshops

Bike Commuting Workshops – Available for Your Workplace

OCBC Director, Pete van Nuys, makes a point during a recent Bike to Work presnetation in Huntington Beach.

Lunch and Learn, Brownbag Seminars, call ’em what you will, OCBC has been busy since last spring presenting the basics on biking to work for employees around OC.

Tailored to the interests and skills of your employees, the focus is on separating fact from fiction about bicycle safety. People are always surprised to learn what they feared most– being hit by a passing car– is actually the least likely thing to happen, even for untrained bicyclists. Awareness and legal behavior on the roadway reduces this likelihood to near zero.

Also discussed are issues of bicycle parking, physical conditioning, and the big bugaboo, “Won’t I get all sweaty?” Because we encourage current bike commuters to attend, answers to these questions often come from attendees themselves.

BTW, how sweaty you get is entirely up to you. But driving or riding transit partway and/or taking it easy are a couple ways to stay cool on the way to work. You can always hammer on the way home. And even without showers and lockers, if you start your ride fresh from the shower at home, a few minutes with a washcloth in the restroom– and even a bottle of rubbing alcohol– will make you fresh as a daisy for your day on the job.

50 to 90-minute presentations available. Call or email if you’d like to schedule at your workplace.