CHP: “… ride in the center of the roadway.”

Progress comes, eventually

This just posted on the CHP website as 3-Feet law becomes effective today.

– Watch out for bicyclists. Cyclists have the right to use all roads except where specifically excluded (freeways, etc.)
– Give at least three feet when passing, or slow down to a reasonable and safe speed.
– Be patient. If a roadway is too narrow for a cyclist to share with a vehicle, the cyclist has the right to ride in the center of the roadway.

Now, not to niggle, but the CHP actually means “center of the lane.”  Center of the roadway would put you on the center line of the between rows of opposing traffic. But under CVC 21202 we’ve had the right to fully occupy a lane otherwise “too narrow to share,” though until now this vaunted State authority on traffic law has suppressed and denied it, and written thousands of bogus tickets for bicyclists doing the safe and lawful thing.

But, hey, if the 3-Feet law does nothing else, it seems to finally provoke a reasonable perspective from the CHP head office. Now if they’ll just tell the guys in field….