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August 12 Edition

Here’s an update on some recent OCBC activities:

  1. Notified CalTrans about a dangerous drainage grate under the El Toro undercrossing of the I-5 freeway. One picture (below) shows what happened to a rider’s wheel when the rider was trapped in the grate. The other photo illustrates the hazard. CalTrans has replaced the grate.
  2. Notified the City of Los Alamitos of a hazard on the bridge along Coyote Creek that is near Los Alamitos High School. The handrail was missing, exposing brackets that could have injured someone. The city has repaired the handrail.
Bicycle wheel ruined by unsafe drainage grate

Bicycle wheel ruined by unsafe drainage grate

Bike wheel in drainage grate

This is what can happen when there is an unsafe drainage grate in the road.

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Have You Ever Had a Close Call?

If you have ever been passed dangerously while riding your bike, raise your hand.

Hmmm… everyone is raising their hand.

Riding safely can help. Check the OCBC Education page. In addition, there are two websites where bike riders can report close calls, post videos and hopefully raise public awareness. Both provide maps, so riders as well as community officials can spot trends and perhaps even identify aggressive drivers.

Cyclist Video Evidence says their Incident Management System can help police departments search for repeat offenders and identify hot spots.

Close Call Database says that reporting a close call will make the information available to fellow cyclists and store it for access by law enforcement.

LCI Instructors and Volunteers Wanted

Walk ‘n Rollers will be conducting bicycle safety classes in conjunction with OCTA’s Be Safe Be Seen program. The program will also feature helmet and light distributions and education outreach to pedestrians. The Walk ‘n Rollers website has more information.

Walk ‘n Rollers is seeking LCIs (League Cycling Instructors) to teach the classes. These are paying positions. Check out the schedule and sign up HERE.

Walk ‘n Rollers is also looking for volunteers to help with the helmet and light distributions evenings throughout the summer. Sign up HERE.

Camp Pendleton Bike Route Closed July 15-19

Caltrans has announced that Camp Pendleton military operations will close the bicycle route along Old Pacific Highway from State Park to Las Pulgas. The closures will be July 15-19, daily from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

During the dates of restricted access, cyclists may use the I-5 shoulder as an alternate route.

Caltrans usually posts signs at Basillone Road directing cyclists onto the freeway shoulder, so they can avoid the surprise of finding the gate at the bottom of San Onofre Park closed.